What is Occupational Therapy and What Does an Occupational Therapist Do?

Now that you’ve been referred to an occupational therapist you’ve probably got a few questions.  Mostly, what exactly is occupational therapy?  What does an occupational therapist do?  And how is an occupational therapist going to help me meet my goals as a result of injury or disability?

At Heroes Allied Health, our occupational therapists help people to recover, develop or improve their ability to participate in these meaningful activities.

Occupational Therapists believe that a person’s sense of self and well-being is influenced by the things they do that are important and meaningful to them.   Physical, mental, or developmental disabilities, injuries, or other conditions may affect a person’s ability to take care of oneself (and others), work, study, or participate in leisure and social activities.

Occupational therapy is a type of healthcare that focuses on helping people to recover, develop or improve their ability to participate in these meaningful activities.  .

It may involve a variety of techniques, including using aids and adaptive equipment (assistive technology), education and training to help clients learn new skills or adapt to changes in their abilities, and adapting the environment to better suit their needs.  Improving a person’s overall functioning and quality of life, which is the ultimate goal of occupational therapy.

Heroes Allied Health Occupational Therapists support clients of all ages and abilities. Our therapists have a range of special interests, including working with adults, children  and those with mental health difficulties.

What does an Occupational Therapist do?

Occupational therapists help people of all ages to perform daily activities that they need or want to do but are unable to do so due to illness, injury or disability. This may include things like dressing, bathing, cooking, eating, and working, as well as leisure activities such as playing sports or playing a musical instrument.

Occupational therapists work with their clients to develop treatment plans that are tailored to their individual needs and goals.

They may use a variety of techniques and approaches to help their clients improve their abilities and achieve their goals. These may include exercises, adaptive equipment, and other assistive technologies, as well as education and training to help clients learn new skills or adapt to changes in their abilities.

Heroes Allied Health Occupational Therapists develop treatment plans that are tailored to their client’s individual needs and goals.

Some specific things that an occupational therapist might do include:

  • Assessing a client’s abilities and needs, and working with them to set goals for treatment
  • Developing treatment plans and interventions to help clients improve their skills and abilities
  • Teaching clients new skills or techniques for performing daily activities
  • Providing education and training to clients and their families on how to use assistive technologies or adapt to changes in their abilities
  • Using exercises and other therapeutic techniques to help clients improve their physical, mental, and cognitive abilities
  • Providing support and guidance to clients as they work to achieve their goals and become more independent in their daily lives.

The Heroes Allied Health approach to Occupational Therapy.

At Heroes Allied Health, our experienced Occupational Therapists provide a genuine, holistic and personalised approach to our client’s goals and desired outcomes.  Our occupational therapists assist with a range of therapies, interventions and evidence-based services to support individuals to live with improved independence, health and well-being.

Through a range of assessments, Heroes Allied Health Occupational Therapists develop an understanding for their clients’ needs and goals.  We believe that working in conjunction with the client, their support team including family, carers and medical practitioners along with the team of clinicians that make up the Heroes Allied Health, we are able to provide a range of evidence-based therapies and interventions.

We look at the interaction between the person and the physical, social and environmental barriers or enablers that are important for the person to live an everyday life and participate in the community they live in.

Our aim is to provide an exceptionally high level of service by putting the needs of our clients first.  We know that everybody’s needs and idea of what is important is different.    At Heroes Allied Health, we start by listening to understand the needs and goals of our clients. We combine this with our diverse experience and evidence-based practice, to produce the best possible outcomes.

At Heroes Allied Health we know how important it is to live an everyday life and participate in the community.

Our Occupational Therapists use evidence-based therapies and interventions:

Evidence-based therapies and interventions promote an individual’s capacity. These may include either developing, retraining, or learning alternative strategies to manage the things they may need or want to do. For example:

  • Self-care activities such as showering, using the toilet, dressing or preparing food.
  • Domestic and household management
  • Education or work activities that provide meaningful purpose to the person’s life.
  • Leisure or social activities such as engaging in hobbies or being part of social or community groups.
  • Everyday activities such as grocery shopping, eating out or getting a haircut.
  • Setting up the environment to enable the person.
  • Thinking and memory skills, making decisions, managing money.
  • Managing information and documentation.
  • Preparing for and managing appointments.
  • Engaging in leisure and recreation tasks.
  • Social and community engagement.
  • Using transport.
  • Safety and risk assessment and management.


This is achieved via therapies such as

  • Stress and anxiety management
  • Cognitive retraining
  • Sensory integration and modulation
  • Task analysis and retraining
  • Fatigue management


Our Occupational Therapists come to you.

We find the best way we can help empower people living with the impacts of disabilities or chronic health conditions achieve their goals and improve their quality of life is if we work with them in their own environments.  As a result, we can identify areas that can be modified to best work for our clients.

Our occupational therapists travel all over the Sunshine Coast including Gympie and Bundaberg.

Try the Heroes Allied Health difference today.  For bookings phone 0499 210 920 or click here to make a referral.

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Heidi, is a Senior Occupational Therapist with Heroes Allied Health who has over 30 years of experience working as an Occupational Therapist in Mental Health in the community, acute and emergency settings, as well as in a tertiary education setting, as a Clinical Trainer.


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